Get Lemon-Growing Ideas that Fit Your Garden.
Harvest More Lemons.

This self-paced virtual masterclass about growing lemons is hosted by Horticulturists Donna Balzer and Steven Biggs.

Cold-Climate Citrus Success Starts with Creativity

Ever Wondered if You Could Harvest More Citrus?

New to growing citrus in cold climates? Or bitten by the lemon bug and want to up your game?

Lemon Masterclass equips you with information and creative ideas so that you can make the most of your cold-climate garden for growing lemons and other citrus.

Every garden is different. 

Every gardener is different. 

There's no one right way to grow citrus in cold climates.

BUT there is a way that best fits you and your garden.

You'll find that way as you see different approaches to growing, ripening, and overwintering citrus and maybe add your own creative twist.

Lemon Masterclass helps you to narrow down what best fits you and your garden.

Lemon Masterclass Topics

  • About Lemons and other Cold-Suited Citrus

  • Where You Can Grow Your Lemon Plant

  • Lemon Care

  • Getting Fruit to Ripen

  • Getting Lemon Plants Through the Winter

  • Propagating, Pests, Problems

What Students Say

Linda Rankin

5 star rating

“Thanks for holding this Lemon Tree camp. There was so much to take in during this camp I felt like I was drinking out of a fire hose. The E-guide will be a very useful reference.”

“Thanks for holding this Lemon Tree camp. There was so much to take in during this camp I felt like I was drinking out of a fire hose. The E-guide will be a very useful reference.”

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Steven Biggs


Steven Biggs was recognized by Garden Making Magazine as one of the "green gang" making a difference in horticulture. His passion is incorporating edible crops into home gardens. His Toronto yard includes a driveway straw-bale garden, rooftop kitchen garden, wicking beds, fruit plantings ... and a lot of citrus plants. He works as a horticulturist, college instructor, broadcaster, and author.

He started sharing his passion for growing citrus in cold climates with his 2019 award-winning book Grow Lemons Where You Think You Can't.
Steven Biggs on Growing Lemons in Cold Climates

Donna Balzer


Horticulturist, podcaster, and award-winning TV host Donna Balzer started with a degree in Agriculture and specialty in Horticulture, but is now focused on growing and cooking food and teaching others to do the same.

She loves getting her hands dirty. She has a greenhouse full of citrus, and grows fruit, nuts, and vegetables year-round in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Food Garden Life Community

    Membership in the student-only Food Garden Life online community, a community of people focused on edible gardens. Member benefits include special offers and free virtual events.

    $100 Value

  • Guide: The Great Lemon Adventure

    An e-guide to get your creative juices flowing and help you grow lemons. This e-guide has tips for successfully growing lemons and using lemons (and lemon leaves!) in the kitchen.

    $20 Value


  • How does the self-paced virtual masterclass work?

    Video tutorials, an e-guide, and interviews give you the information you need to successfully grow lemons in cold climates.

  • What if I have questions?

    As part of this course, you become a member of The Food Garden Life Community, where Steven and Donna answer your gardening questions.

  • I already grow lemons. Is this for me?

    We go through and then beyond lemon basics, with ideas and techniques that help you take your lemon growing to the next level.

  • What if this isn't for me?

    We’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchasing course. No questions asked.

  • I collect citrus and want to know about all the types and varieties. Is this course for me?

    This course focuses on successfully growing lemons in cold climates. We cover a few other cold-suited citrus -- but the main focus is growing lemons successfully in cold climates.

Harvest More Lemons This Year

LOTS of lemon-growing tips and ideas.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Lemon Masterclass!

    2. Opening Remarks from 2022 Live Lemon Camp

    3. Questions? Go to the Food Garden Life Community

    1. Introduction to Lemons

    2. Lemon Fruiting and Harvest

    1. Other Citrus

    1. Overwintering Potted Lemon Plants

    2. Overwintering In-Ground Lemon Plants

    1. Pruning

    1. Potting and Repotting

About this course

  • $60.00
  • 27 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content