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Harvest From a Garden you LOVE being in!

If you've been thinking about growing more of your own food, but are holding back because you have information overload...or if you just don't know where to start...Edible Garden Makeover gives you the ideas, knowledge, and inspiration to grow food in a way that fits your yard and your lifestyle.

Looks Great and it's Productive too

A Garden Tailored to You

Edible Garden Makeover gives you the information and confidence to grow an attractive edible landscape tailored to your yard, your home, and your own taste.

I pulled together my best information from my presentations, courses, books, and articles so you can make a garden you love to hang out in.

Get creative solutions for home food gardens. Don't settle for a kit. Don't settle for cookie-cutter design.

What Students Say

Make a garden your neighbours admire for less than the cost of a gym memberhip

“The course motivated me to form a plan, not a perfect one, but one that was realistic. Got me to jump-start this season's planting, while allowing me to imagine how my garden can continue to evolve. Encouraged me to dream of possible locations (rooftops, straw bales) and unfamiliar plants (haskap, Cornelian cherry) to grow. Emboldened me to test the limits of my growing conditions! The course encouraged me to seek unfamiliar edible plants, techniques, and tools while enabling me to let go of perfectionistic tendencies. ”

“I found the course extremely inspirational. It is for both new and well-seasoned gardeners. You gave us a lot of unique ideas of things we could easily do in our gardens, whether they were in sun or shade and big or small. You showed us how beautiful our gardens can be by incorporating both unique and common edibles to our gardens. Many of these ideas, were ones I had never seen before. This course will be something I'll refer back to years to come. I was inspired by the edible hedge you showed and I installed one based on your recommendation. ”

“Steve wanted us to think outside the box to utilize every inch of our property to grow vegetable plants or flowers. He wanted us to use the backyard, front yard, south-facing part of our property, any areas where there was a micro-climate (take the class and you’ll find out what that means), and yes, even the roof of our house. I’ve been an amateur gardener for 30-plus years and I can honestly say I learned so much from Steve’s Edible Garden Makeover Course. Thanks, Steve, for sharing your knowledge and helping me think outside the box!”

Here's What You Can Expect in Edible Garden Makeover

Stop Worrying About Your Unfinished Garden Reading

Edible Garden Makeover is a self-paced online course that takes you through the steps of making a productive edible landscape that you LOVE to be in.

Don't worry about being bored. This isn't a textbook-approach to gardening.

  • Along with facts and ideas, you get my opinions
  • I tell you about inspiring gardens I've seen
  • I share my favourite stories (...parsnip wine anyone?)
  • I even tell you about some of my failures

You get knowledge, ideas, and a mindset that helps you succeed. 

This is the program to help you make the edible garden you love. 

And to do it this year.

Edible Garden Makeover Curriculum

30+ Video Lessons. Watch at Your Own Pace.

    1. Edible Garden Makeover 2023 Live Talk + Meetup

    2. 2023 Talk Recording

    1. Dream Big

    2. Edible Garden Tour

    3. Case Study

    4. Deciding What Suits You

    1. Getting Started in Your Yard

    2. Get to Know Your Yard

    3. Garden Challenges

    4. Choose What You Want

    5. Tip Sheet - Soil

    6. Tip Sheet - More on Soil

    7. Resource Links

    1. Getting Started with Design

    2. The Big Picture

    3. Elements of Design

    4. Season Extension

    5. Case Study

    6. Tip Sheet - High-Level Thinking

    7. Tip Sheet - Cold Frames

    8. Tip Sheet - Design

    9. Resource Links

    1. Hardscaping in the Edible Garden

    2. Hardscaping Ideas

    3. Consider a Composter

    4. Thinking About Hardscaping

    1. Making Good Use of Space

    2. In-Ground Beds

    3. Raised Beds

    4. Containers

    5. Go Vertical

    6. Space in Your Garden

    7. Tip Sheet - Containers

    8. Tip Sheet - Make Hypertufa

    9. Tip Sheet - Make Garden Beds

    10. Resource Links

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 60 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

"I'm sending some photos of my very first vegetable garden, inspired by you."

These words from a former student really inspire me

This was a follow-up note at the end of the season. My student grew her own tomato plants from seed for the first time, wove edible plants into her gardens — and found that her neighbours were as interested in the progress of her garden as she was.

She loved taking care of those vegetable plants more than all of the other plants in the garden.

"I'm hooked," she told me.


  • Food Garden Life Community

    Edible Garden Makeover students get membership in the Food Garden Life online community, a community of people focused on edible gardens. Member benefits include special offers and free virtual events.

  • Tip Sheets and Checklists

    Edible Garden Makeover Tip Sheets and Checklists help you pick suitable plants and strategies for your edible garde

  • 30-minutes of Consulting with Steven Biggs

    A 30-minute one-on-one Zoom call so you can ask me your top questions and get personalized answers.

Thought-Provoking Gardening Class

Stephen Aber

5 star rating

“I didn't know what to expect But Steven presented a mixture of concepts, ideas, and tips in a very casual but sensible and organized manner. Actually to use a word that he used frequently - he weaved together a very thought-provoking garden course.”

“I didn't know what to expect But Steven presented a mixture of concepts, ideas, and tips in a very casual but sensible and organized manner. Actually to use a word that he used frequently - he weaved together a very thought-provoking garden course.”

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  • How long can I access the course?

    Lifetime access. You get unlimited access for as long as you want.

  • What is the start date?

    This is a self-paced online course. You choose when to start and finish.

  • What if the course isn't for me?

    We’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchasing course. No questions asked.

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